How I found out…

This might be a long one… but I will try and keep it short (said Megan NEVER) lol 😉

My sister was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer in May (2018) and because we have a few people in our family who have had breast cancer, she decided to get tested for the gene mutation, BRCA. And because she did the expensive testing, My oldest sister and I could get the same test done for free… Sooo, at first I thought let me do this now while it is free! But when I followed the updates online for my testing, I found myself feeling pretty anxious about it all and decided that I needed to know the result!

Spoiler alert, mine came back positive…

My oldest sister’s test came back negative, thank goodness! I don’t think my mom would have survived having all 3 of her girls being BRCA+.

I met with my genetic counselor and she explained everything to me really nicely. She put me in touch with my surgeon, as well as a lady who had been through this all whom I met up with and WOW, that was the best thing ever!! Just hearing from someone who has been through this,telling me that I am actually going to be OK, was super refreshing!

As I have mentioned before, guys… I have the best Husband in the world! We spoke about all my options and weighed up all the pro’s and con’s and it was a no brainer… I knew that I didn’t want to just wait around for the inevitable. So we/I decided that I would be going for a preventative Mastectomy.

I met with the surgeon pretty much straight away (This was in September, 2018) to hear from him what he thought and he confirmed what we had already discussed and googled the crap out of. I went for an MRI to make sure that I had no cancer in me at all and thank goodness, that came back negative.

This is truly the scariest thing I have ever had to face in my life. But I am the crazy fighter type of girl, who will always stick up for whats right and damn, I want a looong healthy happy life with my AMAZING husband, so I know that this is for the best!

My motto in life is: Everything in life happens for a reason! (I literally have this tattooed on me) And I truly believe that!

Chat soon


4 thoughts on “How I found out…

  1. To Micaela (Megan’s sister). “You are brave and beautiful, inside and out. You are indeed an inspiration. I wish I had the words to express my admiration for you”.
    Megs you are indeed blessed, it will be an honor to follow you on your journey and I wish you everything of the best. My thoughts and prayers are always centered around my precious “MNEST”. I love you all very much. God bless you as you tackle one of the most difficult chapters of your life.


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