Soo, on Monday at my surgeons appointment, we set the date for my preventive double mastectomy… It is certainly very surreal and almost feels like a dream to me still…

April 5th is the D-day!

In the last few days I have gone through 100 emotions. I feel relieved to have the date and have certainty around that, I feel a bit proud of myself that I have made this decision and that it is all set now… but then I have the “normal” feelings that I feel like this is unfair and I feel anxious and and and… (I hope they are normal feelings at least, lol! )

OMW! I feel a bit like a wierdo the last few days but overall I think,  I know that I will be OK and that everything will be OK! lol 😉 I just need to keep telling myself that over and over again.

I am a crazy list making lady… I definitely learnt that from my mom 😉 I have so many lists all around my house, on my phone, everywhere! Lists of things I will need for the surgery and things I want. Lists of things I need to do beforehand. Lists of things we need to do around the house to make it “surgery proof” (Our puppy Bear is amazing but he LOVES his mommy and just wants to be on top of me all of the time) But that is how I work best, making lists and ticking things off as I go.

I will upload my list once it’s finalized, for anyone else that is going through this and can help me add to the list or even see if they missed something. Please know that I like being over prepared for things, so no judging 😉

My sister’s surgery’s D-day is the 5th of March… so I will posting about that soon. 🙂

Chat soon world


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