Learning my sister has Cancer…

I was sitting on the jumpseat and we had just landed and turned off the runway (yes I waited like a good little girl) and I turned on my phone to see if there were any quick messages I could read or had to send… when I saw missed calls from my sister (Micaela) and a message from my mom saying Micaela has found a lump in her breast and it might be cancer, they are awaiting the results.

Now just so you know, this is the one big reason why I stopped flying. Being unreachable like that for hours at a time…I just got to the point in my life where it got too much for me to be in the air or in another city and not being able to climb in my car or make a phone call or do anything because I was either far away or had to be professional and couldn’t burst out crying or call everyone to find out what’s happening…

So, when I saw that message from my mom, I tried to stay hopeful for my sister and tell her the tests are going to come back negative and it going to be fine. But cancer it was indeed. It was stage 1, so they caught it early and she was relatively lucky, but we were all still completely gutted.

My cousin had stage 3, triple negative breast cancer a year prior to my sister diagnoses and she survived, she is superwoman and I love her!!
So, stage 1 to me was lucky.

During Micaela’s Chemo, the cancer progressed to stage 2 cancer, she was a soldier through the chemo and finished her last round (after a crap ton of sessions) this year! She has had a tough last few months, but she has stayed so strong through this and I know she will be just as strong through the recovery of her surgery.

Her surgery is the 5th of March… so just over a week from now.

I have booked my flight tickets to be there for her, even though it is a very short trip, I haven’t been able to be physically be with her through this journey at all, so I have to be there for her D-day.

She is the reason why I have the knowledge that I have today about my gene mutation and she saved me from hopefully never getting breast cancer.

I owe her A LOT A LOT!

Micaela, thank you for doing the test that saved me and will hopefully bring knowledge to our family and so many people we come into contact with! I love you Mickey!

Ps: I have typed out and deleted so many times while typing this blog post, there are so many emotions around a loved one having cancer. I’m sorry if this post seems a bit all over the place, I think that may be because that is life… all over the place and scary yet amazing at the same time.

Chat soon.  

Me & Micaela

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