My Mastectomy List!

I have done a lot of research on what different woman have said they needed for their surgery and asked my surgeons and knowing myself, I obviously have a few things I want/need that are probably just for me.

I am the type of person that deals with stressful things (like this) in a very unique way, I know that by having new (maybe even printed) T-shirts and Pj’s and dying my hair a funky colour and maybe setting a date for a new tattoo… (small exciting things) it makes the bad parts seem “less” and the small things “more”.

This is my list so far:

For me:

  • Pre-op photo’s (for personal use)
  • Cut & Dye my hair
  • Do nails
  • Headphones & have a backup of movies and series waiting for me at home and entertainment for the hospital stay

Clothing etc.:

  • Button-up pj’s
  • Gripped Slippers – I have the tendency to be clumsy and I think after the surgery might be a bad time to slip and fall. Lol!
  • Gown with pockets – for Drains
  • Encouraging t-shirts
  • “Go-Home” Comfy outfit that screams previvor (I will be doing a celebratory wiggle when I walk out of hospital, I swear lol.) 😉
  • Mastectomy bra – my plastic surgeon said he puts one on me after the surgery and will charge me cost price for it (how nice is he for doing that for his patients)
  • Lanyard for Drains – I read that it’s a useful tip when showering with the drains in
  • Eye mask – I NEED total darkness to sleep and therefore this is a must for me

Home goodies:

  • Pillow mania – seatbelt (car) pillow and pillows galore for my bed and I have a long pillow I am going to use to stop me from rolling and a travel neck pillow for comfort
  • Laptop/Phone holder for lying in bed and watching movies without having to turn on my side

For Hospital:

  • List of past surgeries (I have this on my list because I have had a few minor surgeries in the past and I never remember all the surgeon’s names and the nurses always want to know this as you get admitted, so this way I will be super organised and have it all ready and waiting)
  • Notebook and pen – a lot of woman said you need to keep note of meds and times, I think having a notebook is never a bad thing for someone like me that makes notes for everything. (crazy list woman)
  • TMI – I do suffer severely from constipation (thank you anxiety and 5 years of flying), so I have seen people say you need to have prune juice etc with you, but I know what works for me, so I will be packing in my Movicol sachets.
  • Lip-ice – I know this from previous surgeries, your lips do get very dry. So, having this in your bag is never a bad thing.
  • Halls/ throat lozenges – surgery = sore throat. So yes! This is a must.
  • Electric Toothbrush!!
  • Extension cord for charger – as I won’t be able to reach very far for a few days

I love the idea of a little something that makes you feel strong and powerful! I remember in high school I had lucky undies. Lol (don’t judge me) but I’m thinking of taking a little something with to the hospital that makes me feel powerful 😊😊😊

Please do comment or email me if you can think of something that I have missed!!!

Chat soon


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