Soo many options!!!

I had a moment Last week, where I wasn’t the strong Megan that I have been fighting to be lately… I started crying in the surgeon’s office when they gave me the forms for the hospital pre-admissions. It all just felt very “real” and I felt extremely overwhelmed. Everyone tells you about all the positives and that doing this surgery will save you from so much, which I totally agree!! I know it will! I pray that I never have to experience chemo in my lifetime…

Very few people talk about the overwhelming parts… like which option of reconstruction to go for:

Full Mastectomy

DIEP FLAP           

Nipple sparing


Direct to implant

(just to mention a few)

Overwhelming is an understatement!!!

I am so scared I make the “wrong” choice…

This is a pretty HUGE decision as I have to live with this for the rest of my life.

When you’re not in the situation yourself, you have a very different opinion to what you have when it is actually happening to you.  I have so many things running through my mind and I know I would love 1 surgery where everything is done and dusted in 1 day, but after many hours of chatting to my surgeons and endless hours of my husband doing research. (because we all know he is the ultimate researcher and I suck at it) I have decided to put my trust in my surgeon and give him the right to do what he thinks is right for me and my body.

He wants to do a nipple sparing mastectomy and remove the bulk of the breast tissue and reconstruct them with expanders and slowly but surely expand them to the size where I am happy and then do an exchange surgery at a later stage with a second (not so big) surgery.

I have seen a lot of woman say that expanders can be painful, but my surgeon has assured me that he will increase the size slowly and won’t put me in any more pain than needed and he will make sure that I get optimal results.

I like it when a surgeon reassures you saying that if I was his family, this is the way he would suggest for me, because it really does make you feel like you’re in good hands. I feel like I have a good team on my side.

Please feel free to contact me if you need someone to talk to if you are feeling overwhelmed with all the options out there.

I am always here for you 😊

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