Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

**When you can’t do something yourself, you ask for help and someone helps you find a solution to the problem**

I had my last session with my psychologist today before my surgery on Friday… all I can say is that I am so grateful to have her in my life.

She gives me the level headedness in order to realise what is important while going through this journey and to make sure that I use those around me for support and don’t slip into anxiety about things I cannot control.

Going to someone for help only works if you are honest about yourself and tell them your good side and your bad side.

Today I am not unhealthily anxious… but I am definitely nervous.

I would be worried about myself if I wasn’t nervous for this surgery. Lol. 😉

  • I am worried about losing a part of myself, even if it is a part of me that could give me cancer one day, it is still a part of me.
  • I am worried about being in pain and being uncomfortable…
  • I am worried about not being at work for a long period of time and having my work get out of hand.
  • I am worried about being away from my puppy for a week, yes, I am crazy about my puppy!!! (aka: emotional support dog)

LOL!!!! I know deep down that I will be perfectly fine…

But once you start worrying, you worry about all the small things as well.

Mantra for today:


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