How I feel about my Foobs / Expanders…

Firstly, they feel hard as hell. (expanders are waay harder than the implants, so I am fixated on the light at the end of the tunnel)

They are bruised and swollen still, so I can’t be certain what the final overall shape is going to be yet…

But all in all, I like the look of them!

I keep reminding myself that pain is temporary and that each and every pain I feel will go away eventually.

The morning is the worst for me, when I get out of bed it feels like I am lugging 2 massive bricks around, but then as I get moving, they feel better and more “normal”.

I can’t lie flat on my back yet, I have tried, and I cried like crazy because I couldn’t breathe and it felt so sore and strange!

My back pain is horrendous! There is no possible way to describe the frustration levels I have within my body from all the pain I feel.

It’s not like constant pain, there isn’t anything wrong with my expanders or the incisions or anything, it just hurts a lot… most of the time.

The Plastic surgeon made my nipple a bit smaller to suit to the overall shape and look of the foob, so I’m still getting used to that, but I do like it!

After watching *Paige Previvor* talk about her foobs getting break outs sometimes, I thought oh please let that not happen to me… aaand it is happening. But it’s ok, I am going to take her advice and use my face wash and face cream, its only on my chest so it should hopefully work.

They are definitely something to get used to. But it won’t be forever and then I will have my exchange surgery and hopefully they will be a bit softer to the touch and more comfortable.  😊

I am grateful for my foobs/expanders, a lot of people don’t get reconstruction and some people have bad reactions (touch wood, because I haven’t had any as of yet), so I am grateful, and I do like what they look like.

I will like them more and more each day until I love them.

I am doing my physical therapy daily, trying to get my range of motion back and slowly use more and more of the muscle, but DAMN that hurts and it feels soo weird once your peck muscle “activates” lol.

Mantra for today:
“Everything happens for a reason and everything is going to be OK”

Lots of love , Chat soon

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