*2 Weeks Post Op*

2 weeks and 4 days to be exact 😉

“Recovery is a process. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes everything you’ve got.”

To be honest, this recovery is tough…

I cry so much throughout the day from frustration and pain. My lower back pain is killing me!!

I have gone to the chiropractor but he can’t do too much yet as I am still in pain from the surgery and I definitely cannot lie on my front or fully on my back yet for him to adjust me just yet.  

Like I said before, the mornings are the worst for me, as soon as I stand up it’s like I have cement pulling me down in front. (sounds so dramatic I know, but this is the only way I can describe it)

I find myself hunching over a lot, its my bodies way of protecting my foobs I guess and it’s how I feel most comfortable, but I keep reminding myself to try and sit upright and stretch those muscles so that sitting upright will feel comfortable again.  

So many people say that they saw a big difference in their progress after 2 weeks, so I am staying hopeful and keeping up with my exercises, but I am not feeling that just yet. But I won’t give up, don’t get me wrong!

I definitely over exerted myself a few days ago and I could feel it in my body and my foobs felt even heavier and just in being so tired, I have now taken a few days to stay in bed most of the day and rest and I am definitely feeling stronger.

The first week post op I was in hospital the entire time.

This second week, being at home, it’s been frustrating for me, because I really want to be able to do what I normally do around the house but I can’t YET. But all good things take time and I have to stay patient and just keep doing what I’m doing and I will get there. I also miss being able to play with Bear (our puppy) and cuddle with him, but he is a bit rough so I haven’t been able to show him a whole lot of love from my side. But he is so good around me, he jumps onto the bed at full speed and then immediately stops next to me, he knows mommy has an ouchy. Aww I love this pup of mine!

I am also so grateful for my wedge pillow and my preggie pillow at home, I have no idea how I would sleep without these 2 beauties!!!

So… I have had my hubby with me 24/7 for this first week out of hospital and today he went back to work… and let’s be honest… I am a bit nervous.

Yes, I can shower by myself to a certain extent and dress myself (depends on where the items of clothing are in the cupboard and what they are though) but I definitely call on him to help me with a lot still and it makes me nervous to know that I’m alone for most of the day.

This morning helped a lot though, I started a little routine… wake up with him and get dressed and showered while he is still here and then having him almost prep my meals for me and get me all sorted before he leaves.

Luckily, he only works 5mins away from home, but it’s not like he can leave every hour to check on me either.

I do also have an amazing neighbour/friend who has offered to help me with anything whenever I need it. So, I will be ok. 😊 (a little self-talk here)

One last thing that has been super-duper tough the last week, being home, is not being able to sleep next to my hubby… Our puppy loves to lie on top of us and run around on us in the mornings and obviously I can’t have that right now, so hubby has been sleeping on the couch for a week… I normally cannot sleep when he isn’t next to me, so its only thanx to the sleeping tablet that I am OK, but I miss his presence next to me. (I don’t know if you have realised this but I am crazy inlove with my husband!!!) lol. 😉

So last night we made a comfy bed for our puppy in the lounge and Hubby slept next to me for the first time in 2 weeks! It was a bit scary and I woke up a few times where he was close to cuddling me and that would have hurt obviously, but it was BLISS having him near me for the night!

*Today is going to be a good day!*

Chat soon

PS: this photo is not of me today 2 weeks post op, its from a little photoshoot we did before the surgery 🙂

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