3 weeks post op…

3 weeks and 3 days 😊 I’m a sucker for details…

I am glad to say that everyone was right and things really do get better after the 2-and-a-half-week mark. I’m feeling more and more like myself and the pain is getting more manageable.

I am still on all my full doses of medications but I do definitely feel better than a did last week this time!

In the last week, I have washed my own hair, gotten dressed by myself and put makeup on! My range of motion is getting so much better and I’m feeling more positive!

I think having this community of woman that are so freaking supportive and who share their experiences and are so amazing has something to with my boost lately 😊

I am soo grateful to the people I have met along the way of this journey.

I have learnt so much and I will never be the same! (in more ways than one) lol.

I have my first expander fill coming up this week, so I will let you all know how that goes!! (pray for me)

I am yet to sleep on my side or fully on my back but I have vowed that this week I am going to try (with the help of my hubby) to lie fully on my back. Last time I tried it was a bit traumatic, so I am going to take it slow but try again this week! 😊

On another note, I went into the mall this weekend and I have been into a shop or 2 since the surgery but the mall was soo busy and I was beyond anxious, I was seeing in tunnel vision and my breathing was rapid. I was so nervous of someone bumping into me. Like I know they aren’t going to burst or anything like that, but I am so scared of someone bumping into me and it being excruciatingly sore.

So, I have to try and work on my anxiety a bit… I can’t let that get out of hand while I am trying to heal and recover.

Being home alone all day is the worst part of my every day. I know I have my puppy, Bear, with me and he puts a smile on my face all the time, but I do feel very lonely and just isolated…

But, to focus on the positives:

  • Things are getting better
  • Pain is 90% under control
  • Movement is improving
  • I am setting small goals for myself
  • I am becoming more independent
  • I love my husband!!!! (had to squeeze that in here somewhere)

Mantra for today:

This will all be worth it in the end!

Chat soon

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