— 1 month Post Op —

Shjoe… I can’t believe that 1 month has gone by since the day my entire life changed…

Today marks 1 month and 4 days exactly since my prophylactic double mastectomy.

I must say, the time has flown by, but at the same time this recovery has felt like forever.

I do my daily exercises to regain my range of motion and I listen it my body when it tells me I have had enough. And guess what? I can now reach straight up for the sky and I am slowly being able to lift myself and other heavier objects 😊😊😊 YAAAAY!!!

I saw my Plastic Surgeon twice in the last week and a bit as there is a piece of skin on my right nipple that isn’t healing up as quickly as the rest of the scarring did and unfortunately, he cannot start my expander fills until that piece of skin is healed up like the rest.

I have been able to see my scars more and more over the past few weeks, as I first had transparent plasters and now, I get to take the plasters off every day and shower and then put them on again when I’m dry and ready. I am busy using Micropore on my scars, my doctor says it is really good and I have heard about it from many other women.

I have an extremely sensitive skin, so the micropore hurts a little with being put on and taken off frequently, so we are looking into something else that may be just as good and will work for my skin…

I knew that with this surgery, there would be possibilities of things taken longer than expected and bumps in the road to full recovery, so I am a little stressed about the piece that isn’t healing all too well but I am also reassured that it is ok and I trust my doctor and his process.

Soooo, I have been sleeping flat on my back now for a few days and it brought a few aches and pains to light as I haven’t slept flat in over a month but I am soo much more comfortable and so extremely happy to be able to sleep next to my husband and have that one step closer to normality.

My back pain hasn’t gotten better yet, I am seeing my chiro once a week to try and ease the tension but hopefully that all gets better with time! 😊

I have found that in the last week, my confidence levels have been rising and that plays a huge role in the recovery process, because instead of sitting and standing hunched over in a sort of protected position, I find myself pushing my shoulders back and feeling more confident that I wont get hurt and I am not that fragile… 😊😊😊

I am 1 strong ass cookie for having gone through this traumatic experience and I am very proud of myself for doing this and making sure I diminish my chances of getting breast cancer and preventing to go through SO much more than I have now.

The first step to being a strong cookie though, is having the knowledge in order to make a decision to be a strong cookie and empowering yourself with the tools to conquer a mountain that was put in front of you!

There have definitely been some good and bad parts to the last month, obviously!

I have found amazing people that are willing to stick by my side through thick and thin.

I have surprised myself with my inner strength!

I have been reminded yet again how incredible my husband is!!!

The bad’s are not so fun to think about but I have come to terms with most of them, clashing with 1 of my doctors wasn’t so fun. I just felt like I wasn’t cared about and I was just another number… I haven’t heard from a few close family and friends that I thought would have been there for me no matter what and some that I asked to be there for me and haven’t… but that’s ok. It is when things get tough that we realise who is truly in our corner for life!

Most of all, I have learnt that I am blessed!

Blessed to have found out that I am BRCA+ and had the time to do something about it.

Blessed with a husband sent straight from heaven!

Blessed for social media for breaking distance boundaries for me to connect with so many women out in the world!

Blessed to be strong and gone through with this surgery a month ago that is going to add so many more healthy years to my life!

Spread love!

Chat soon


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