My First Birthday as a PREVIVOR!

Today is my first birthday as a PREVIVOR!

As I look back on this past year, my mind and heart are filled with so many memories and so many up’s and down’s…

It is crazy to think that last year this time I was still drinking, I didn’t know a thing about BRCA, and my sister hadn’t even been diagnosed yet. I didn’t ever think I would have a dog in my house or even not be flying anymore!

 Today I stand here, a strong and empowered woman!

I am crying as I type this post because it is emotional to think about how much I have gone through and who I am today. I have come such a long way from the girl I was last year.

It is insane and amazing what 365 days can do to you!

I am 27 years old, been through a double mastectomy to save myself from getting breast cancer and going through chemo like my sister, cousin and aunt did (and so many other relatives down the family tree)

I made the decision that my life was more important, and that knowledge is power! There was a time in my life when I thought that my life was meaningless and that I would never be able to make a difference and pushing through the hardest times in my life was not worth it… but then I woke up and realised that I do make a difference, even if it a small one.

We have adopted the most incredible dog in the world who fills my heart with so much love!! And we make the biggest difference to his life every day just by giving him the love he deserves.

I married a man that pushes me to be the best version of myself and vice versa! We have impacted each other on such a massive level!!

My little family makes my life worth living and remind me that I do make a difference in this world and I am a strong amazing woman! 😉

I feel so blessed to look back on this past year and be where I am today. It sounds cliché but it is true! Being a previvor and being a part of a community of women that are so incredibly supportive, makes my heart overflow with love and happiness.

Having my little family and living the life I am today is such a blessing.

Everything happens for a reason! Truly it does!

I “retired” from flying at the best possible time in order to work for my husband and brother in-law, who have been so good to me! I would never have been able to deal with the stress of flying and the last couple of months together.

The emotional rollercoaster I have been on and the trauma my body has been through would have been impossible with being a flight attendant still.

I swear it saved our marriage (this may be an exaggeration, but shh) that I quit flying when I did!

I feel so loved and blessed to be this strong 27-year-old woman, with foobs and being able to study as well as work and learn every single day about business and what it takes.

Oh my word, I could go on and on…

But the just of this post I think, is that I feel blessed!

This is a milestone of a birthday and I am grateful to be alive and be on the road to recovery with my amazing husband by my side and celebrate my birthday with the cutest puppy in the world 😊

Happy Birthday to me and baby Bear

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