*Being overwhelmed and Grateful at the same time* #9weekspostop



Count to 10 and then scream anyways because we all knew I was going to do that! 😉

Then breathe some more…

I have recently been going through so much emotionally in my personal life with family and dealing with this journey on a deep emotional level with my doctor. I have had a lot of up days and a lot of down days!

This has been the biggest thing I have ever done and been through in my life!!!

But I am back to reality and back at work full time now and I am so extremely tired. My body needs to still get used to my long ass working hours and being unable to lie down when I feel pain. It’s taking a toll on me, but I am getting there…  

But all good things take time 😊

At the same time, going through so much negativity and being surrounded by bad vibes most days… I feel SO good! Lol.

I feel so grateful to so many people for sticking by my side at all times and being there for me. I am so grateful that I have met amazing women from all over the world and right down the road from me who have impacted my life and this journey immensely. I am so grateful to my incredible husband and my close support team!

Going through big things like this in your life, sometimes shows you the people around’s you true colours… It hurts and at the same time, it has been overwhelmingly amazing!

Update on my healing:

I am now 9 weeks POST op 😊

I still have niggly pains throughout the day and at night, if I try to lie on my side, that sides foob gets extremely painful quickly.

So, I still have some getting to used to that to do.

My back pain is getting better but yet worse. Lol. It’s confusing when I type it out, but it hurts less because I am getting used to some of the pain but then my back is getting sore in different area’s from sitting all day at work as well as sleeping on my back for most of the evening. BLEH!

The scarring that got infected is FINALLLLY healing and it looks as though I am on the road to recovery with all my scarring! YAY!

That means that when this scarring finally all heals up, I get to finally start expanding and getting closer to my final happy place. 😊

I met a wonderful lady who lives so close to me and we have the same team of surgeons, she unfortunately had cancer and had to go through the craziness of chemo, but she had her exchange surgery this week and her response from that surgery filled my heart with so much hope!!! She says the implants feel so much softer (duh but amazing to hear from someone close to you) and that just made me burst into tears and overflow with happiness!!! Because the expanders feel so foreign and so hard, the major difference is so exciting to think about! That is the light at the end of the tunnel!

If I look back at the last 9 weeks, I can’t believe how far I have come. I am looking into getting into exercise soon, I am wanting to run a 5km race in August. I will take it day by day and not put too much pressure on myself, but I am so glad I got that go ahead from my surgeon 😊

My surgeon and I had a convo regarding bra’s going forward… why underwires are not the best option and that I need to get comfortable bra’s of good quality. 😊

The last 9 weeks have been the most intense time of my entire life! Nothing can compare to what I have been through! I am just trying to stay on the positive side and keep smiling!

It is the only way that I am going to keep taking steps forward and get closer to the ultimate goal of my journey!

Stay strong all!

Chat soon



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