Aaand it has been 16 weeks! PDM you MF!

Shjoe… 16 frikken weeks!

I cannot believe how time is just passing me by. I feel like I am in a twilight zone!

Today I have been on a mission to be the laziest I possibly could be and just give myself a break and have way too many cups of hot chocolate and watch Netflix and just spend time with my doggie and CHILL!

It is such a cold day in Cape town and I am soaking it in today. Lol.

I have been waking up holding onto my foobs in pain lately… guess my body is feeling super restless from not being able to just roll around and sleep like I want to… (patience is not my favorite word)

Soo, yesterday I went for a second opinion and met with a lady reconstruction, plastic surgeon and I was blown away… by her office (which was beautiful) and just everything! I left a doctor’s office with a smile on my face for the first time in soo long!

She gave me certainty (which my blueprint desires immensely!)

And she made me feel safe.

You know what… today I have been telling myself, even if she screws up the exchange surgery and I have to go to someone else to fix it all up (which I know deep down won’t happen), this journey is for ME and I need to put my needs first and choose to have a nice as possible experience with letting myself process losing a part of my body, a part of my femininity…

So, I phoned my current plastic surgeon and cancelled my appointment with him so that I have time to think and breathe! Anywho… what was he going to do? Talk to me and reclean my wound and tell me that I have to wait to fill because we need my infected wound to be 100% healed… which I knew after seeing her and I did not need to put myself through going to their office! So yeah… I think you all reading this and myself know that I am changing surgeons by now… lol…

I need a badass woman to do my fills and push me a bit and have a nurturing mannerism with me for the rest of this journey! (please note: disclaimer – I am not sexist at all… this is just how I feel in this specific sphere of things)

Today I am 16 weeks post op… looking back at the last 16 weeks let alone the last 16 years… life is one heck of a journey!!!!

Life is short!

Live it to the fullest!! (Yes Megan, I know you sometimes don’t feel like you are capable of this, but just keep moving forward and trying! One day you will look back and pat yourself on the back for how far you have gone!)  — little bit of outwardly self-talk happening here… 😉


Today is a defo’s Pets & Plants over People day! 😉

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