My 1st FILL (19 weeks post op)

I feel as if a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders!

Even though there is weight added to my foobs, I feel lighter!

I cannot express the amount of relief I am feeling today. It has been 19 weeks and 3 days since my double mastectomy and after infection on infection…. My wounds finally healed enough to have had my FIRST FILL today!!!!! Eeeeeep!

I am not trying to be dramatic, but taking this step forward after everything that has been put infront of me… I feel like a new person!


A step in the right direction!

So… down to the nitty gritty experience:

I felt at ease the moment I stepped into my new surgeon’s office; she just has that calming nature about her. I can’t explain it, but I am sure you know what I mean 😉

She double checked my wound (the infection that was taking forever to heal!) and she was happy! YAY! She said she didn’t want to push the fill today, as the wound has only just closed up properly, we don’t want that opening again! I swear I will scream!

But anyways… she got the huge ass needle and syringe with a few cc’s of saline and found the magnetic port of the expander and marked it out before prepping for the fill.

*Side note* She gave me a magnet finder thingy the last time I saw her and some local anesthetic ointment to apply around 45mins before my appointment! How amazing is she?! 😊 😊 😊

She cleaned the area where the expander port is and then was so calming, she asked me if I was ready and spoke me throughout the whole insertion of the needle (which I truly didn’t feel, thanx to her giving me the numbing cream) and then almost allowed me to feel the sensation of the fill whilst asking me, every now and then, if I was OK and to tell her when it started feeling tight.

She wasn’t expecting me to be able to take the 50cc’s today, but I did 😊 why? Because I am a badass! Aaaaand because I have had 4 months of letting the skin loosen around the expander, so it went pretty easily.

She said she will push me a little more for the next fill, which is 2 weeks from today! YAAAAY!

I feel so much more confident after this fill!

Just extremely happy with the experience and the amount filled and that I can feel a little pain this evening, but it is totally manageable. It is more of a niggly pain, which I guess is totally normal after a fill!

It is nice to know I make the right decision moving to this surgeon and also being able to finally take a step forward in this journey! Hallelujah!!!

<< Everything happens for a reason >>

Post fill JOY!

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