Second Expander fill – 21 weeks post op (& 3days)

I am starting to feel like ME again!

Just these past 2 fills have literally changed my life. I think the change in surgeons DEFO’s plays a big part in my overall happiness, but my word! I feel fucking amazing! lol. 😉

Today I had 60cc’s injected into my foobs. So that puts me on a total of 310cc’s now. It has been a few hours now but I can already feel my back pain coming back… I say coming back, because it feels the same as the pain the expanders caused my back post op… like a spasm/knot.

My chest feels tight (duh Megan!) and I am getting tingly pains here and there, like the first fill, but overall, I am feeling ok!

I am soo insanely grateful to my new surgeon, she is amazing! She is so caring and kind! I am not over-reacting! She is so informative and talks to me throughout the whole fill, asking how I am feeling, but at the same time, gives me a chance to be in the moment and feel the process. (I sound like a wierdo, but its the truth) Going to her has saved me!

I was in a very deep dark place after my surgery, with the infections and my old surgeon throwing my trust out the window! The emotional toll this took on me because of them was overwhelming to say the least.

Guys… I truly have the best husband in the world!!! I am sooo lucky to have found the love of my life at 21years old and be married to him and have our gorgeous little dog together. Our second anniversary is coming up and that is why I am feeling even more grateful to him for being a rock through this mastectomy journey and being sooo supportive of me, taking me to every fill and holding my hand through them. I would be a wreck without him by my side!!!!

But more about this second fill (come on Megan, you keep getting distracted… SQUIRREL! 😉 LOL ) hahahaha!! Umm, it was a really good experience. She had 100cc’s per foob ready incase we would be able to fit that in, but I started to feel the tightness in the foob that had the infections and has less skin on it than the other due to those infections… and I told her to stop at 60cc’s because it started to push a bit much and I thought it was best to not push that foob too hard. *she be sensitive mmmkay*

The infection site is also looking sooo good! It has healed up nicely and is lightening up, it almost looks just like the other foob now 🙂 phew! < Yaaay >

I am so HAPPY and so relieved that this day is finally here and this journey is finally moving forward again 🙂

My Foobs are growing!!! 😉

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