My 3rd Fill (23 weeks & 3 days post op)

Last week on the 5th of September 2019, I was exactly 5 months post op…

I would be lying if that didn’t make me emotional but at the same time so relieved!

Today I had my 3rd expander fill, OMG I love my new surgeon!!!, The past 2 weeks have not been a walk in the park at all.

I have been struggling to sleep and when I wake up in the morning, the foob pain is REAL! I take that it is from lying down all night, so it is nothing to be worried about. I just had moments where I needed my hubby to lift me up because it was so painful!

But this pain feels like it is worth it! Lol.

I didn’t think I was going to be able to get my fill today because the pain has been so bad the last few days, but this morning I woke up and finally felt easier and the muscle had relaxed enough for me to be able to have the fill! YAAY! She took it slow with me today, we got 40cc’s in (which is awesome in my eyes) and that puts me on a total of 350cc’s now! 😊 😊

I have been thinking about the final size I want to be at, and I think I am where I feel comfortable and where is best for the long term (gravity and shit, you know?) lol.

I went to buy a cheap stretchy bra this weekend and found really nice ones that I can wear now in summer, but when I was in the changing room trying them on… I just broke down crying! It was seeing myself in another mirror like this (one that is not my own at home)… It was just a reminder to me, that even though I am getting stronger and happier about this process, there is still a lot of pain inside that I will be dealing with along the way… BUT I have an amazing husband who hugged me in the middle of the clothing store and let me cry on his shoulder and told me that no matter what, he loves me and that he is there for me for every step of the way.

Man, I married a pure gem!!!

As I am sitting here typing this post, the pain of today’s fill is slowly starting to kick in… feeling a littttle bit dizzy. Lol. But I know in my heart, that this is all worth it!

Everything is worth it! (My mantra for today!!!)

The surgery, the pain, the scars! Everything.

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