Nothing like a little scare to remind yourself to be happy about the small things in life!

This past week has been extremely scary for me…

When I made the decision to become a previvor, I knew I wasn’t 100% safe from getting breast cancer, however I knew my chances were EXTREMLY low! (around 5% to be exact)

Then last week Thursday while I was rubbing tissue oil onto my scars, I felt a lump… It did not feel like scare tissue at all. It was a hard ball that I could feel for certain was not normal.

I went to my GP immediately and she confirmed what I felt was real and I wasn’t going crazy… Yes, to those who know me, I am a bit crazy…. But in this incident, I was so happy to hear that someone else felt what I felt.

She sent me to a specialist, I had a sonar done and THANK THE LORD, it is fat necrosis and not cancer! When I have my exchange surgery in January, the surgeon will remove that for me, and everything will be fine.

But not a lot of people can understand THAT fear!…

Lying on the doctor’s bench, watching that sonar screen, looking at a black mass amongst my normal tissue… holy hell, my heart dropped!!! My heart went out to every person who has had to hear those words: “you have cancer”……

It just reassured me that me making the decision of becoming a Previvor, was the best decision I could have made!

I AM a fighter!!!

I AM my own hero!

I AM a survivor to be alive today!



I HAVE the best husband in the world! 😉


Life is so short and uncertain, right now… remind yourself of what is good in your life and tell yourself that it OK to be happy about the small things in life too!


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