*Foob FEAR*

Ever walked in the mall and had someone walk too close to you and you hunch and cower or put your arm across your body to protect your foobs?

I call it FOOB FEAR!

Please tell me that I am not the only one and that there are others who have this anxiety about something happening to your foobs, whether they are tissue expanders or implants, just the fear of having to go through trauma like those surgeries again… feeling that pain… just the thought of falling or being bumped and it bursting (crazy thinking, I know but welcome to my mind)…?!

I personally had 2 post op infections, post my initial double mastectomy, and it has been the longest 8 and a half months so far… Just the mere thought of something happening to them now and me taking all those steps backwards! I cringe at the thought.

Hence how I thought about this fear a lot and tried to rationalize this and called it Foob Fear!

I recently had a blunt force trauma to my right foob (the one that just had to be the one that had the 2 post op infections) and I cannot explain the overwhelming amount of fear that ran through me.

Please remember to be careful and protect those babies, the real ones may have tried to kill us, but these ones are trying to make us feel “normal” again!

Whatever normal is… lol.

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