A New Year and a New Surgery

It is almost time for my exchange surgery! FINALLY!

My surgery is booked for the 23-01-2020 and I cannot wait!

Every day I remind myself that my tissue expanders were the first step in me saving my own life and having my preventative double mastectomy! Yeah, they are sucky, they hurt a lot and are hard as rocks! But they have been good to me.

I don’t blame the expanders for my post op infections at all, but the waiting last year tore me apart… waiting to heal in order to go for me first expansion! OMW! BUT everything happens for a reason and now I have a new surgeon and like I have said 100 times before, she is amazing! And she will be performing my exchange surgery and fat grafting! (and everything else I may need going forward)

It is less +- 2 weeks away and I am READY! Sooooo ready!

Ready to take the next steps in this journey, ready to have a good experience with a surgeon… just soo ready for some good to come my way!

It is 2020! A new year for crazy things to happen 😉 lol. I am just praying that this year the crazy things are good! I cannot take any more bad right now… I am at my capacity, shjoe! (but that is for another day!)

I pray that you all have a wonderful day and year ahead!


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