10 months post Double Mastectomy……

10 months… I can’t believe that it was 10 months ago that my entire life changed forever!

Finding out I was BRCA+ happened months before the actual surgery and yes my life changed then, but as soon as I was on the surgery table… THAT is the moment it had truly really changed!

If I think back to the day I found out I was BRCA+, parts of me still ask, why me? And this week, I asked myself that question again, why me? Why with a 50% chance of having it, was mine a yes?… I immediately stopped myself and said… because you are doing something with it and because of it! I went through this journey for a reason! To give back to a community or even 1 person out there, with my story and my knowledge and my gifts of kindness or even just my thoughts.

I have decided that because of this experience, I want to make a difference in 1 way or another! It is my biggest goal right now!

Anyways… a lot if going on in Megan’s head OK. sorry! lol.

But 10 months ago, I had a preventative double mastectomy. I made the decision to ask a surgeon to take off a part of my femininity, so that I could LIVE! I could be here for a long time without having to go through cancer and chemo. I had the privilege of getting ahead of this disease and taking control of it before it could get to me.

I have been through hell and back the last 10 months! I fell into the deepest depressions I have ever known… I have been bullied by Doctors… I have endured unbelievable amounts of pain.

But you know what… it was all worth it! I found myself a new amazing Doctor and had my exchange surgery on January 23rd! My journey has been a freaking rocky one, but it is worth it, knowing that Breast cancer can go suck it! I have learnt so much about life and people and different industries. I think I may actually be grateful to this journey. It has shaped me into a much stronger person than I ever thought I could be.

I will do a separate post about my exchange surgery and go into more detail, but I wanted to remind myself on why I did this 10 months ago!


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