My Exchange Surgery 23-01-2020

I can say with 100% of my heart that this surgery was by far the best experience I could possibly have going through surgery.

The hospital was amazing! My surgeon was amazing! DUH! And I was SO well looked after by every nurse, the anaesthesiologist and the catering staff.

It is a small reminder to me that everything in life happens for a reason and the last year has changed my life forever! I have so many ideas for my future, career wise after all of this. It’s a reminder to do something that will make a difference and fulfil my heart!

So, let’s get down to the details… lol 😉

My surgery consisted out of exchanging the tissue expanders for the real implants and doing fat grafting from areas on my body, like my sides and tummy to add to the foob area to “fill” it out. I hope that makes sense… lol.

My tissue expanders were filled to 400cc’s and have had a few months to settle in their capsules and my skin. When my surgeon removed my expanders, she had a few implant size options ready for me and knew what I wanted overall, she said the expanders and the 500cc implants were identical, so yeah… I now have 500cc implants. And I LOVE THEM!

They are soft and getting softer by the day as they settle! I look in the mirror and see “normal” again. It was an incredible moment looking at myself and being like WOW, that’s incredible!

Due to my previous post op infections, my one nipple (where the infection was) had kind of pulled to one side, so my surgeon fixed that during this surgery as well. Which makes a huge difference to how I see myself in the mirror.

No more Frankenfoob feeling. Hahahaha!

I will say though, I would never go for lipo willingly! Hell NO! The fat grafting sections were so crap sore! WOW! Like a donkey kicked the crap out of you.

Its worth it in the long run, but it is so sore, the skin is still (3 weeks later) sensitive to the touch in some spots! Ouch is an understatement!

This surgery has definitely restored my trust in surgeons and hospitals. This entire journey has changed me forever, in so many ways! I have a different outlook on life now and people around me.

Now just 2 and a-bit months to go until I will be clear to run and jump as much as I want and truly find a rhythm to my “new life” 😊

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