Random Life Update:

It has been a while since I have had the time (or energy) to write a post in such a long time…

The pandemic and South Africa having different levels of lockdown and my husbands auto immune disease, we have been stuck at home for over 3 and a half months now. We get our food delivered, I have run in and out of a shop maybe twice… and we work from home, which I am so grateful about, this is a difficult time for so many people and businesses. I am blessed that we have all kept our jobs and the business made it out of the hard lockdown better than it went in. #blessed

Being stuck at home sort of feels “normal” to me now, last year throughout recovery, I was home for the most part of 6months… so I am dealing with it as well as I possibly can. 😉

I have been working soo hard lately, I am forgetting what day it is most days and my days race by!!

So, writing this post, is actually quite nice, because it gives me a moment to reflect and stop and think.

I have been trying to keep up to date with the news on COVID and the world’s numbers etc., and all I can think about is the poor people in hospitals through this time that cannot have anyone visit them or be with them at all…

It is heart wrenching!

To all those people: Never forget how strong you are, and that people are always thinking of you, from all over the world, sending you love.

Sooo, today I got my results for my studies, and I passed! I now have my higher certificate in business management. 😊 whoop whoop! Now for the big one, I am starting my degree in social science next semester! I am nervous but really looking forward to it!!!

I need to take this time between semesters to regroup and get back into moving my body! I need exercise! I have done a few days of exercise and went for my first post op run the other day… it feels sooo WEIRD in the foobs. Like the muscles cramp a little and that is a STRANGE feeling! But luckily it goes away and after a good stretch it eases up. 😊 But it is definitely something to get used to after a year and a half of not running and also having foobs in the place of boobs!

So weird, I watched a random clip on YouTube with a lady on the show “Botched” and it hit me right in the feels. She has a boob job, not a mastectomy, just for aesthetic purposes, and she said the surgery felt like she had been run over by a bus and they showed a clip of her in surgery getting all fixed up… long story short… seeing how they work while you are under is very eye opening. The first thing I said to my husband was “no wonder I woke up so damn sore!!!!” lol.

I think I should stop here and make sure to post a blog more often and take a moment to write and think. 😊

Cheers for now


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